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Pipe Installation

Pipes are the major component servicing all our plumbing needs.

From the installation of a Washing Machine, through the plumbing of sinks, toilets and shower systems, to a complete underground drainage system.

Once installed, we generally don’t give them a second thought.

However, should you find yourself in need of a helping hand or just some friendly advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether a simple "spot repair" or a full drainage installation replacing old with new, we're only a phone call or an email away!

Defective Drainage

In most circumstances, whenever pipe installation is under consideration to fix an underground drainage fault, a CCTV Camera Survey would first be carried out in order to confirm the necessity, and to locate and better identify the problem.

Survey findings help in determining the exact location, the true extent of the damage (whether the preferred path would be renovation or replacement), and the depth of the drain; this information also provides more accurate details on likely costs involved.

Do bear in mind that CCTV Camera Surveys may prove less effective, or indeed impossible, if the piping is too seriously damaged. Major blockages and collapsed drains would have to be traced and located using other means.

On occasions, defective drainage can be determined with a simple site visit and visual inspection, where for instance, the drainage is clearly evident from the surface. This could be a damaged manhole cover or frame, a collapsed or broken gully, or possibly a defective soil vent pipe.

It should also be noted that some defects discovered within the drainage system will only be suited to drainage replacement as opposed to renovation. For instance, you cannot renovate a shattered pipe.

Renovate Or Replace?

Should you be presented with the option of renovating or replacing your damaged piping, then like most decisions of a similar ilk, it makes sense to have New for Old. Renovation of a drain which should have been replaced can often give rise to future problems, thereby incurring additional costs.

It's always a difficult choice, so do ask for a clarification of costs and possible issues for both options.