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Plumbing Repairs

Got a blocked kitchen sink? Blocked bath, shower trap or washing machine? If you're not up to handling it yourself, then don't hesitate to give us a call!

General Plumbing

Whether it's a blocked kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, waste disposal unit, bath or shower - similar to external or underground drainage pipes, assessing the problem prior to implementing the necessary remedial work is extremely important. Where feasible, it's always prudent to determine the location of the problem before attempting to resolve it. Do your research! Without a thorough understanding of the job in hand, any attempt at a fix, can often just make matters worse and incur further costs.

We may marvel at the aesthetics and workmanship of our new kitchen or bathroom, but make no bones about it, what goes on behind the scenes with regards to pipework is just as important. If not moreso! The last thing we want, is to demolish units or rip up our new flooring attempting to repair blocked, disconnected or dropped waste pipes.

Of course, should you have to, do explore your options. You'll no doubt want to resolve the issue with the least amount of disruption, inconvenience and cost, so always investigate bearing these in mind. But equally as important, is a lasting solution to your problem, so always weigh up the pros and cons - a problem thoroughly investigated is half-fixed already!

Toilet Problems?

Although regarded by us as a drainage problem, blocked toilets may often be a simple plumbing issue. Depends where the problem is traced to. Outside the building - for instance, within the external soil vent pipe or an underground drain, you'll need a drainage engineer, as a Plumber may not necessarily have the required skill or equipment. For blockages located within the cistern and toilet pan itself, these can often be quickly resolved with a little plumbing know-how and the correct tools.

Repeat blockages may be due to an underlying problem. So if your toilet has blocked on several occasions over a relatively short period of time, this could be due to a foreign object lodged within the toilet pan or the outlet pipe-work. Most commonly, a toilet freshener, a toilet roll, or a child's toy.

Damaged Toilets, Cisterns And Fittings

If your toilet isn't flushing properly or water is constantly discharging into the toilet pan or through the overflow pipe due to a defective fitting inside your cistern, the problem part can generally be isolated and then subsequently replaced with minimal fuss.

If you find your toilet pan or cistern is cracked and leaking, therefore requiring replacement, an initial investigation will be necessary in order to establish the required parts. Always be prepared, follow your Manufacturer's installation instructions, and take care not to let any screws collars, bolts or mortar fall inside open pipes and fittings.

Saniflo Or Pumped Macerators

Often located in basements, these machines are generally installed where it's impossible to connect the toilet or bathroom waste pipes to an existing gravity drainage system. Used to the Manufacturer's instructions and guidelines, these units can run trouble-free for a considerable time without failing. Do notice though, that those guidelines are quite strict on what can and can't be flushed, and for that reason, these systems are probably best avoided should you have small children likely to play battleships in the toilet bowl.

Flushing anything through the toilet system other than normal waste would without doubt cause the machine to fail, resulting in foul water filling the toilet. Worse still, if a bath and shower is plumbed into a blocked Saniflo or Macerator unit, toilet waste would also fill these!

These systems can be cost effective when compared with excavation and drainage installation, but they absolutely must be used in accordance with the Manufacturer's strict flushing guidelines. Failure to adhere to these rules can render your system both useless and costly.

By far the main causes of failed Saniflo units today are: improper use (don't flush anything you shouldn't), failing motor due to flushing hot water and chemicals on a standard system (you'll need the SaniVite system for washing machine use), and failing pump due to hardening over time of internal components (faulty diaphragm and float switch).

And Finally...

Whether it's a leaking toilet pipe, sink waste, bath trap, shower outlet or Saniflo, we're happy to undertake repairs or replacement works with minimal disruption to yourself and of course, implement to the highest of standards. We're at your convenience! Ahem, a little joke there.