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Sonar Drain Location

Underground drainage systems peacefully weave their way beneath your property, keeping your home waste and water drainage flowing smoothly.

Out of sight, and out of mind.

That is, until a problem arises; and unless you have an accurate map of your system, it's difficult to know exactly where your underground drains are should you need to repair them. Sonar Drain Location removes the need for guesswork and any unnecessary excavations.

Reasons why a drain may require accurate sonar location?

  • Well, as touched upon, a damaged drain has possibly been causing repeat blockages and may require locating for repairs or replacement? Sonar location equipment, occasionally used in conjunction with an underground drain camera will identify and pinpoint the exact location, thereby saving time and money.

    Sonar Locator
  • A blocked branch line upstream of a main line junction may need to be located in order to help access and facilitate clearing the blockage.

  • Buried or hidden manholes may need to be located for maintenance purposes. Sonar location will accurately pinpoint, thus allowing for unearthing and raising back up to surface level.

  • Intending to position a new manhole at a particular junction within your drainage system to make it easy for you to manage your own cleaning and repairs?

  • A proposed new extension may be sited close to an existing United Utilities owned drainage system within your property boundary. The lines of drainage, and therefore responsibility, may well require mapping prior to building plans being drawn.

  • You may need your entire drainage system mapping and plans drawing.

What exactly is Sonar Location?

Sonar drain location, sometimes carried out in conjunction with a camera survey, is simply locating a signal emitted from a Sonde positioned within a drain. This can be inserted into the drain either connected to rods, a coiler, or as is often the case now, via the built-in Sonde on most modern camera inspection systems.

Once in the underground drain, the signal emitted from the Sonde is picked up above the surface using a reception handset. This handset also provides an accurate depth reading, which, should an excavation be necessary, means your Repairman should be giving you a quote and not an estimate.