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Surface Cleaning

Spills, oil, paint, graffiti, chewing gum, or just dirt ingrained over a number of years, high-pressure surface cleaning may be the answer to restoring the original look!

Driveway Cleaning

Electric pressure washers for home use are readily available today and most households have one. They're extremely useful in dealing with small and general low-grade surface cleaning problems; though due to their size, range and reduced pressure capabilities, extremely time consuming, and often require a two or three-pass process, where surfaces have to be cleaned multiple times to achieve satisfactory results.

Drainage industry grade washers, are capable of much higher standards and effectiveness; are quicker, and can reach much higher pressures often allowing for a single sweep and the removal of even the most resistant stains.

So for graffiti, paint, gum, and a whole host of other unsightly surface dirt, why not give us a try?

Simple Water & Detergent Cleaning

Typically used for removing light dirt, or in the cleaning of easily damaged stonework. Adjustable high-pressure jetting ensures only the right amount of pressure is applied to remove the dirt and prevent surface damage. Quite often this kind of stonework can be cleaned using water alone.

Solvent Washing

Depending on the stonework and the depth of surface dirt, it may be more appropriate to use a specially formulated low-concentrate acid wash. Extremely effective on the more hardy brick and stone surfaces, and again, due to the nature and variable strength of the formula, application techniques, property masking for non-stone surfaces, and the adjustable pressure wash removal, your masonry and features are left undamaged and completely refreshed.

This technique is also safe for surrounding surfaces and features, as the cleaning formula is typically extremely diluted and rendered harmless during the cleaning process.