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Clearing Blockages

Although not always necessary, high-pressure water jetting, or clearing blockages via the force of water pressure, can be used to clear the majority of external blocked drains and on occasion, even internal blockages.

Clearing a blockage when all conventional means have failed?

Powered by water pressure, the jetting hose is fed and worked through the drain, where possible upstream of an access point and towards the blockage. Upon reaching the point where the drain is blocked, the water being forced from the jetting nozzle should break up and clear the blockage, eventually restoring full flow.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects entering a drain, are often the cause of blockages, and can usually be retrieved from the drain using this process. However, it has to be noted, that this is dependent on the size, shape and weight of the object, with more stubborn objects often requiring a lengthier and more strategic jetting and retrieval process. Also has to be noted, that on extremely rare occasions, a foreign object can become so severely wedged within a drain, that it may only be removed via excavation.

Servicing a Drain

High-pressure water jetting units are also used to service a drain, cleaning the inside walls of the drain, removing waste, scale, grease, silt and any loose impediments. A useful tool in ensuring the continued free and full flow of your system - see "Preventative Maintenance".

Clearing a blockage using a high-pressure water jetting machine is sometimes confused with a jetting service. Clearing a blockage is simply restoring flow, whereas servicing a drain is generally a thorough cleaning of the drain.